A young woman with long blonde hair stands beside a tree. SEARCH DOG'S RAVEN tells the Eerie Story of a Wilderness Search Dog Team.

Writer Director Allex Michael

    Making her filmmaking debut, Allex's Film SEARCH DOG'S RAVEN Tells the Eerie Story of a Wilderness Search Dog Team. This supernatural thriller is factually based and the unique twist may shake your assumptions about animal abilities and the afterlife.

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As a professional writer and photographer, turned filmmaker, Allex Michael's first film SEARCH DOG'S RAVEN had some fateful beginnings.

Allex Michael: "Not long after I moved away from home, I got my first dog. A shepherd bouvier cross. She was a great sniffer and tracker, so I looked into search dog training. Unfortunately, the closest unit was several hundred miles away and associated costs were too expensive for me."

Then one of Allex Michael's first writing assignments, in 1995, involved interviewing an expert search dog handler named Marion Hardy.

Allex Michael: "I can remember thinking what a great book or even movie I could write about a wilderness search dog team. Wrote down some ideas, but then shelved it."

Several years later, Allex had written a novella called 'The Deadly Search'. It told the eerie story of a wilderness search dog team. She had been taking independent filmmaking courses, so when her agent suggested her novella be made into a film instead of submitting it to a publisher, Allex dove in head first. That was five years ago. Keeping the title and story secret as long as she could, Search Dog's Raven has become a reality. Allex Michael MCU

Consulting with experts including search and rescue specialist Kimberly Kelly Falconer, Allex Michael is making every effort to present an exciting action thriller that is also factually based. Not only will you leave the theater with a greater appreciation for search dog teams, the story's unique supernatural twist may shake your assumptions about animal abilities. Allex Michael MCU

Allex Michael: "Filmmaking challenges me as a writer, while also using my artistic skills as a photographer and designer. Time will only tell if I can continue along this career path, but it's an amazing learning experience."

Allex Michael on Writing vs Filmmaking

Allex Michael: "Like many independent productions, we've had almost every imaginable thing go wrong with this film. And we're not even finished. I fell down a slope and was out of commission for half a year. After the Dot.com and then stock market problems, our budget kept vanishing and it took so long to get more financing (all private), that the first canine actor was too old to play the role of Ebbey. So I had to find another 'sniff oriented' dog, and train her in a very short time. We chose the perfect dog on screen, but she was a terror off screen. Working in the mountains, of course you're facing weather problems. Some of the cast and crew didn't show up. A few of the locations fell through. We also had a bunch of stuff stolen, including film, equipment and tapes. Some of which was uninsured.

You have to depend on the efforts of so many people for filmmaking, that any one straw can break the film's back. Some days it feels like I'm shortening my life span. Luckily, as more time passes, I'm starting to laugh at many of the events. Not all, but most.

On the other hand, Search Dog's Raven will be finished because of the incredible support and efforts from the existing cast, crew and sponsors. So we're beating the odds. And people seem to really like what they see."

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Allex Michael: "Writing can be exhausting. And I'm incredibly lucky to have an endless fountain of ideas, with several hundred ideas for future films. The exhausting part comes when it's time to put those ideas onto paper.

Filmmaking, at least independent filmmaking, is all consuming. It can literally eat you alive. Not only is there the scriptwriting process, but you also need to rework the script to fit your budget and to accommodate potential marketing strategies.

Then there's the independent filmmaking process. Where you hire or beg a number of other people to help make your film. Some of whom have little or no experience, others who want your job and others who don't show up at all: usually the day of shooting. Considering all the variables, it's amazing that any films are ever completed."

Meet the TECHNICAL CONSULTANT...Kimberly Kelly Falconer   Metal Arrow links to the Technical Consultant.


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Though aiming for a PG rating, the film Search Dog's Raven is not yet rated.
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An Eerie Action Thriller with a Unique Supernatural Twist.
Any search can turn deadly, as a young woman and her search dog are lured down a dangerous trail.

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