SEARCH DOG'S RAVEN tells the Eerie Story of a Wilderness Search Dog Team.

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Search Dog Handler Expert Marian Hardy Part 2

Rottweiler Shepherd Cross <  Jessy plays a search dog in Search Dog's Raven

Unlike air scenting dogs, trailing dogs search for an individual scent. To a dog, your specific scent is much like a fingerprint. Your scent comes from skin oil, sweat and dead skin cells.

Marian Hardy: We slough off thousands of dead skin cells per second. As you walk along, you leave a little trail of scent. This is what the trailing dog is going to follow. Your scent collects downwind on the grasses, sidewalk and buildings. They'll follow it from where you were last seen to where you are now. They can even identify you amongst a crowd of people. Bloodhounds are probably best at this.

To search for an individual scent, the dog is presented with a scent article. Like a piece of clothing or even the seat of an abandoned car used by the missing person. It's essential that the item has not been handled or sat on by anyone else.

It's difficult to evaluate the success rate of a search dog, though Marian Hardy has some statistics on water search. At the 1993 National Search and Rescue conference, Marian presented her first study entitled 'Water Search With Dogs'. Although some people still do not believe that dogs can detect corpses underwater, searches in ponds, reservoirs and lakes have success rates of at least 85 percent. As dogs swim, ride in a boat or search from shore, the deepest documented underwater find is 230 feet.

If you are still skeptical, here is one current theory. As scent molecules from a corpse, diffuse into the water, some make it to the surface. Search dogs then detect the victim's scent on air currents as the molecules evaporate with the surface water.

Ebbey the canine actor Most bodies are found within a mile downstream of the PLS (place last seen). However, detection becomes complicated by temperature, snags and water currents carrying the body. During torrential floods, victims can be carried until something like a downed tree or dam stops them. Thus when searching large areas (twenty plus miles or more), clearing an area with search and rescue dogs can prove significant.

Ebbey plays the lead search dog in Search Dog's Raven >

Allex Michael: How long can a body be in the water so the dog can still smell them?

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