Ebbey the Canine Actor SEARCH DOG'S RAVEN tells the Eerie Story of a Wilderness Search Dog Team.

Fear as Inspiration

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Allex Michael: "Spending so much time in the wilderness, while filming Search Dog's Raven, I had several fear related inspirations.

Ebbey the canine star of the film and I spent a number of days hiking alone in the provincial and national parks. During the early spring, there are few park visitors and rarely anyone where we were hiking. Ebbey had just been adopted and her reactions to various creatures were mostly unknown. With the exception of those she wanted to chase. Found starving in a rural garbage dump, I was certain she'd recognize a coyote. However, how she would react to the close proximity of a cougar or a bear was still unknown. A cougar

En route to the Columbia Icefields, in Alberta's Jasper National Park, we stopped for a hike. The river was just over a mile away and the area is full of elk and deer. As we were walking, something began stalking us. I say stalking because it's a feeling you never forget. It's more than just being watched, and more than just being followed. I know it was a predator, because I immediately became s___ scared. S___ primeval fear, like what it feels to be prey. Ebbey the dog, was reacting in a similar manner. Continually looking over her shoulder, while loping sideways with her tail almost between her legs.

< Photo of a cougar by Allex Michael
We crossed a bridge over the river, and whatever was stalking us, continued to follow on the other side. Ebbey would warily pace back and forth, scenting the air. I kept looking at the river's depth. Wondering if a grizzly was about to storm across the water at any moment. After two hours had passed, Ebbey's fear had lessened. We doubled back and made it to the car.

A similar incident happened in Alberta's Sheep River Provincial Park. Throughout our hike, Ebbey kept air scenting to a treed area above the valley. Though the level of fear wasn't quite as high, the feeling of being stalked was still there.

As it turns out, a grizzly was spotted within a mile of our first stalking and a couple was confronted by two cougars in the second."

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